Dear Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Mr KP Singh,

We are well informed that you guys own a glorious city called ‘Gurgaon’. Keeping aside #icebucketchallenge which was to contribute to the fund of ALS, I want to challenge you both for #peakthourschallenge.  This challenge will give insight on what we go through every day. All you need to do is to drive from Udyog Vihar via Cybercity till DLF phase 5 on any day (+ points if it is a rainy day) in morning between 9am to 10am and evening between 530pm to 630pm. Some exception to this challenge will be:

  1. You can’t take highway
  2. You have to drive without traffic police making way for you.

I and my friends are regularly going through the pain of driving within the city for 2 hours, time taken to reach to Gurgaon from Noida. Since, you own this city so it is your responsibility to take this challenge up and understand the pain that we go through.

I, also want to genuinely thank authorities making Metro, underpass for the city, for their umpteen knowledge of dissecting the complete city in one go. Ofcourse, I firmly believe processes and strategies are time consuming and planning is a pain in itself. Best way is to break the city from every corner and then build everything in one go.

I have a revenue suggestion, why don’t you tie-up with all the car-makers. Most of the cars are either digging the hole while making their way or are getting broke in the Watergate that opens on the rainy day, hence adding on the maintenance cost.

A special mention for DLF for building this millennium city on the highway.  You have some brilliant minds working for you with no backup option. Take a bow!!

I am challenging on behalf of all the citizens of Gurgaon !!!

Dear Mr. Kejriwal

I heard that you have apologized for your resignation and the party is planning public meetings to understand whether or not people of Delhi want you back.
Now I might not be available in any of these public meetings given my work but here’s what I have to say (From my limited understanding of Indian political system and AAP)

Just 6-7 months back, I was an avid supporter of AAP.Well supporter might be a understatement to highlight the dedication because I remember how I used to talk about better future of Delhi and our country given AAP comes into power. No you will not find my name in the volunteer’s list. Neither my work allowed nor I wanted to get in it full time (and you may choose to ignore my mail given that I haven’t worked for AAP and have only supported it in my discussions with my limited universe,off course in voting and donation) but here is why I believe that I CAN’T TRUST YOU AGAIN WITH MY VOTE :

1. You are too idealistic to be operating in my country’s political system. I don’t want a CM who can’t take a decision of living in a particular house without people’s support.Pls be clear whether you want to be a popular or an effective leader. Do you think I/people care a bit about size of your house if you would have implemented even one thing that you spoke about in your manifesto.

2. I enjoy drama and have my share through movies/soaps regularly. I can’t see the drama of you and your party each day whenever I switch on any news channel.

3. Though you have some years of experience in Indian Revenue services, yet its irrelevant to the position in question at this point so for us you are a fresher. Get your hands dirty before moving to a higher order role.

4. Learn to get work done even with people who don’t directly align to you. Dharna is no solution.

5. For me you were a wrong hire who resigned before probation completion (thinking that we will want to retain you) but guess what Mr Kejriwal REHIRING is not that easy.

Since I am into HR (and my mind is inseparable from my profession) here are the development areas that you /AAP needs :

1. Prioritizing work
2. Multitasking and operating in multistakeholder environment
3. Accountability for work
4. Working in cross functional teams effectively
5. Have realistic goals and ways to achieve them

Some of them can be covered by dedicated training programs. For others on the job training would be required.Sitting in opposition for 5 years is a wonderful idea to begin with.Pls leverage the maximum benefits of experience of 4 MPs from Punjab via Mentorship/Coaching Programs.

And last but not the least hire a dedicated HR.


Balpreet Kaur

(This is a guest post on this blog)

Like a responsible, educated citizen of India. I thought to fill my tax on my own last year (AY-2013-14) and there, I was in the most complicated trap. :( Though the government claims that e-file is the easiest thing and we should practice our right and fill the tax on time.  Believe you me it is not that easy. I filed my tax last year using My case was that I had switched my job in the month of July wherein there was a gap of a week from my last working day in previous organization to joining date of new organization. Yes, I went for a vacation for a week!! The tax accumulated for the gap period was 9500 approx, which was auto calculated.  To this, without further consulting my CA (how! fool of me) I paid it online. The challan was issued and my tax was paid. I received my IT acknowledgement number in next month and IT-return was filed. It looks easy, right? Yes, even I had the same feeling.  And was flaunting this to my friends, I told them it is too quick and try doing it on your own. But I was WRONG! So the problem started in the month of Oct, when I received a notice from Income Tax department under section 139, defect in tax payment. WHAT!!! HOW! I LOST IT COMPLETELY. But still to confront everyone, I thought to clean the mess on my own and again, diligently, went to INCOME TAX office located in UDYOG VIHAR, Gurgaon for clarification. So, the environment inside Income tax office is like a typical government office, one has seen in movies, where most of the employees are killing time and passing queries to one another. Out of the lot, one gentleman looked into my query and answered me, that you have wrongly filled a column, you have challan receipt? Kindly call our e-file customer care department and they will guide. Ok. Customer care number (TOLL FREE), the number that is never free. They should check their call bounce. But then it is the “AAM AADMI” of India, who is used to such treatments and never gives up trying. So after trying for few days, one lucky day I got through. A lady in sweet South Indian tone responds, Ma’am that notice is from Income tax department not the INCOME TAX E-File department. (What a confusion, we have two Income tax department and aren’t they run on computer or software and the information is updated on it?).  The lady continuing with her polite tone, unless you receive any notice from E-File department , you can ignore this notice. Phew!  Feeling of proud bounce back again.  Worst was yet to come. I receive E-FILE notice on 3rd of April stating that please rectify your error under section 139 (9), under e-file tab on   My struggle starts again, now I am dealing with this for few hours, bloody what the hell is schema error. Why can’t they have tutorials to guide? Why the site is not completely updated? Google always misguide in such situation. Image We work in private organization where we are not allowed to make error in entertainment web portal then how these people who work for a government body (assuming them to be more qualified than an AAM AADMI, can make such error. On homepage they mention, for advance users and software developers, you can download SCHEMA.  Can anyone tell who will mention things about average people who are not software developer or even engineers or by default the IT department has considered that only engineers pay taxes? Image GOD save me from this now I don’t how to file this rectification and customer care (bloody hell, they should be called CUSTOMER SCARE) is not picking phone.

After much struggle, I have nailed it finally.

To resolve the deficit error for section 139(9). Follow below steps:

– Download ITR Form from
– Download ITR 1 for individual income from salary
– Fill in your information as per your PAN or Previous ITR
– Validate every sheet using the button (VALIDATE), appear on the top right side cell
– Complete your tax details in subsequent sheets
– Once done, validate the sheet once again
– Convert it into XML using the create XML button that appears on the Top right side of the excel sheet
– Upload this converted XML in your RECTIFICATION menu appearing under E-File
– You will receive success notification if your sheet is complete and validated.


Hope it works for you as well… Feel free to leave the comment, if you have any query.


Online shopping has become a rage in India these days. Spending Power with risk taking ability; of buying stuff especially clothes online have increased manifold.  I am not different.  Having friends who work in various domains of online sphere my level of trust in online portals are comparatively high.  From buying movie tickets to grocery I prefer online mechanism; as it is fast, quick, saves time and energy.  But conservative side in me has never allowed me to shop women apparel online and I never did it too.  Until the day, when I was tied-up with work and stress of attending my best friend marriage convinced me to shop online. I thought let me try it and made a decision to buy stuff online.

Buying clothes online is much more tedious than buying stuff from the market.  Every site I visited had some of the best collection, displayed in a manner that every shopaholic would love to buy all. Smart models wearing, a smart suit is what tricks you.  Anyways I finally selected a product from a site called , considering that it is a start-up and it will be good.  That is where I made a BLUNDER!

I received the product after 25 days of time, lot of time but still forgivable since I had planned accordingly.  With complete excitement when I opened it, I realized that the product was not up to the mark, bas jugaad kar rakha tha. Before a second could pass, I wrote an email with the pictures to  and requested them to replace it immediately, for which they replied, get it fixed from your tailor and we will pay for the alteration charges.  I was furious to the core but had less time so accepted, went to the tailor and asked him to fix it. Tailor responded that it can’t be done, since the stitching is faulty.  I was zapped, since I was left with no time, I wrote them again, asking to replace or refund and sent the product back.

I got a reply from after 2 days, in which they have stated that, they  will replace the suit in a day or two.  When I realized it was almost 3 weeks and I have not heard from them, I wrote an email again. To which they said it is in process. Process?? Which process takes 3 weeks?  I ask them to refund my money and will all mail trails they finally agreed to refund it.

Today April 11, 2012 it is again been more than 2 weeks that I have heard from them.  No mails are reverted and no calls are answered.

After so many follow ups, I have lost all the hope to get my money back. I tried contacting their CEO but he doesn’t respond as well.  With this incident one thing that I realized is, “Things that appear most beautiful are doctored”.

This has also given me a thought that this is just one case; there would be many more similar experiences; which can lead to loss of faith in online shopping.

So, How to tackle these?

Don’t you think that the time has come to create an Online Consumer Forum?  After all we are also “Grahak”

Government should propose a mechanism or a body where all complaints related to quality, misleading, misguiding and charging extra amount should be lodged.  And if the number of complaints against “A” increasing the number “X” which is definite number, license of the site should become forged.  This will also bring discipline into the online system.


The government’s decision to award country’s top civilian honour, Bharat Ratna, in the field of sports has been lauded in all circles. It was time that we honour people who have bought fame to our country in their respective sports. The decision to bestow this prestigious award to Late Maj. Dhyanchand and Sachin Tendulkar, arguably the legends in world sports community, is an apt one.

But hold on a second, before you bask in glory and pride, answer one question: Which one of them should be given the award first? “The wizard of hockey” or the “Little Master”?

Well this question (a rather idiotic one I’d say) has been raised by our media. The “piece” has been doing rounds on some prominent national news channels since last few days and it is a rather irritating that how our media can make an issue so small and irrelevant to a large part of population akin to some national security matter just for the sake of increasing their ratings. God help us all!! Can’t we just award both of them together? I am sure that Sachin Tendulkar is far too modest to make an issue out of it and last time anyone checked, Maj. Dyanchand can’t complain (apologies to all the fans if that sounded sarcastic).  A suggestion to media: STOP PROPAGATING SUCH NONSENSE AND IF YOUCAN’T PROPOSE A SOLUTION, THEN PLEASE DON’T TELL THE PROBLEMS TOO.


Written by Ankit Rustogi

Other Side of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Dancing on the floor with Virendra Sehwag, Zaheer Khan


Sachin Tendulkar with son Arjun and Daughter Sarah

Spiritual side of Sachin Tendulkar



Sachin with family on his birthday




Today’s Times of India lead story exclaimed, “Love under siege: Cops harass couples in parks in Ghaziabad”

Operation Majnu is initiated by Ghaziabad police’s drive lead by SO Alka Pandey – to cleanse the city from eve teasing and to stop innocent girls being trapped by boys with evil motives”.

On the other hand adult entertainer Sunny Leone is busy sizzling up the ongoing season five of Bigg Boss.  If stats to believe it say, after Sunny entered Bigg Boss house, she has become the most searched adult celebrity on the web search engines and it has become difficult to keep children away from being curious about her.

Video: Sunny Leone performing pole dance in Bigg Boss House

Alka Pandey while punishing young man says, “Is squatting wrong? I have to send a message to these boys who destroy the beauty of society. Squatting is a common form of punishment in schools. What is wrong if we implement it here?”

image credit_Timesofindia



Now, what should be the punishment for telecasting adult entertainers ‘Squatting’?  hmmmm….interesting

What do you have to say on this?